Monday, January 25, 2010


Barak loves nothing better than to grab handfuls of my hair, yank really hard, and then stuff it in his mouth. Then he winds it all around his fingers and toes. It was driving me crazy, so I went and hacked all my hair off. He still manages to pull it on a regular basis, but now I have the added benefit of looking like a shaggy dog. (I really shouldn't do layers. Oops.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I love this man.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Lizzy took this picture all by herself. I think she did a pretty good job.
Recently, Barak started solid food. So far, he's only tried rice cereal. He doesn't like it much. I didn't know a baby's tongue could be that long. We tried, but I don't think we've gotten a picture to do it justice. Despite his lack of love for rice cereal, he wants to eat everything else. I feel guilty every time I eat around him, because he stares so hard. He watches with pure longing in his eyes, and he often licks his lips. While we were in Colorado for Christmas, Barak had his baby blessing. We wanted Isaac's father and brothers to be there, which made the experience that much more special. Unfortunately, we somehow didn't manage to get any pictures, so I took a bunch a couple of days ago. Better late than never, right? My mom made his blessing gown (thanks Mom!), and the buttons are the same ones she used to bustle my wedding gown. I know. My baby is beautiful. About to get up and crawl away . . . he must be done taking pictures. He has the happiest personality I have ever met. And who can resist a naked baby?

Monday, January 18, 2010


This is my Lizzy. She loves to dance. She sings all the time, too. I never know what kind of silly song she's going to make up. She loves playing outside, especially on the swings, and she never seems to mind if it's cold or wet. A true Oregonian.

Lizzy has a best friend. The two are extremely cute together. They love each other very much and rarely fight. Unfortunately, the two of them are always getting into trouble. A couple of days ago I found them playing in the toilet. They were filling a play pot for the kitchen. (So, so gross.)

Lizzy loves her daddy. I love to watch them play together. She has such a big imagination and constantly makes us laugh with the things she says and the games she invents. I think Lizzy is the smartest, prettiest, most fun two-year-old in the world! We are so lucky to have her.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Long overdue . . .

So, Christmas was good. We went to Isaac's family out in Colorado, where we spent two wonderful weeks. If you want to see pictures of the whole Washburn gang (minus Ammon, who's serving a mission in Virginia right now) you should check out Tiffany's blog (Wicked Washburns). There was plenty of snow for sledding, lots of treats, movies to watch, family to visit with, cousins to chase . . .We really had a great time. Lizzy was able to meet her cousins, and she loved having so many people to play with.
Barak liked hanging out with his cousins, too. They were really good to him. Swimsuits and snow boots. I love it.
Connor strikes a pose . . .
The community center where we live had a Christmas party before we went to Colorado, and Santa showed up. Barak loved him.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In which I whine

There was a big wet spot on my knee today. I chose to think it was Barak's drool. It could have been Lizzy's pee (actually it PROBABLY was), but I was trying to be optimistic. I'm trying to keep a sense of humour during potty training, but it's been hard. I really don't like this parenting duty. It makes me want to hire a nanny for a month and just come back when the deed is done. I really don't mind changing diapers. They stink up the house a bit, but thanks to Bear, that's not going away anyway. I feel obligated to potty train Lizzy, though. I know she's ready. She went all of Monday without any accidents, and most of Tuesday. Today she was completely uninterested, though. The little booger. I think she went though four pairs of underwear before noon. After her second accident I said, "Did you pee your pants again?!" (It had only been about 10 minutes.) She very calmly replied, "No. I just peed my underwear." She had me there, since by that point she wasn't wearing pants at all. Later, she snuck into her little play tent where I noticed how still she was standing. "Are you peeing in there?" I asked her. "No," she answered. "I'm all done now." She's driving me crazy, mostly because I know she can do it, but she won't, and I don't know why.