Friday, November 27, 2009

Little lady

This morning, Lizzy wanted Barak to lie down next to her in her brand new big girl bed. They were pretending to take a nap. Well, Lizzy was pretending. Barak was just hanging out. As I looked down at the two of them lying there, they just looked so beautiful, I couldn't resist telling them so, and also telling them how much I love them. Lizzy face flushed a little and she gave me a funny look. I wondered a bit at the emotion she seemed to be showing. Then she said, "I'm trying to fart." We are raising such a lady.

Friday, November 6, 2009


First, I have to apologize. I took terrible pictures of the Halloween season, and this is late anyway. Oh well. This is for you, Anne. For Halloween this year, we went as Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, and one of the lost boys (dressed up as a bear).
Such a cute Tinkerbell! Half the time she decided she wanted to be Thumbelina instead.
At the pumpkin patch.
Again at the pumpkin patch.
But no pictures of the actual pumpkins. (Would you tar and feather me if you knew we never carved them? I know, I'm a terrible person.) And now I must go. The baby needs to be tickled.