Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pet Day

We went to Pet Day at OSU a couple of weeks ago. We got to pet llamas, goats, chicks, turtles, snakes, ponies, sheep . . . We also saw dogs, ferrets, lizards, rabbits. . . . it was great. This is why I love living in a university town.
Petting goats:
We took the opportunity to let Lizzy ride a pony. She wasn't scared at all. In fact, I think she loved it.
We also got to take a ride in a wagon pulled by a goat. That's right, a goat. It was seriously the biggest goat I ever saw, too. Awesome.
Lizzy won a fly swatter at one of the booths, and it is now Barak's favorite toy. He had a great time watching the animals and swatting at things. I wonder if there is a Pet Day equivalent in Eugene.

Random pictures

These two play together pretty well most of the time. Lizzy likes to teach Bear funny things to do, and Bear likes to follow her around, copying her every move. Here they are "eating ice cream."

To encourage Lizzy to go to sleep without us in the room, I often give her a couple of books to read. Usually she reads quietly and then tosses the books on the floor before going to sleep. Sometimes she doesn't quite finish her book, however.
Sleeping and reading. That's my girl.