Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Turn

My son just learned how to say, "Bear-bear's turn!" Guess whose turn it always is.

Friday, April 8, 2011


There are three things I would wear printed on a T-shirt.

  • Meanest Mom in the World (Seriously. I would wear this with pride.)

  • I'm not fat, I'm pregnant. (Though, I might be tempted to wear this when I'm NOT pregnant, just to keep people guessing.)

  • I'm not a mess, I'm a mom. (Although I do see a lot of moms who aren't messes at all. How do they do that?)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We were almost home, and I told her if she climbed out of the wagon I would not let her back in. The lure of the bright yellow flower proved too much for her, so out she went. I offered to hold her hand as we walked through the parking lot, but she refused, distraught that I was in fact making good on my threat. So she ran along the sidewalk, making her distress known to all and sundry. She stood ten yards from our front door, unwilling to move any farther on her own. I put the wagon away, unlocked the door, and had her brother's coat and hat off, and still she stood there, refusing to move, continuing to cry. Finally she stamped her little foot and yelled, "I forgive you Mommy! Just don't make me walk!" Today I earned my "Meanest Mom in the World" T-shirt. I made her walk.