Sunday, April 24, 2016

Easter 2016

All five of them managed to hold still for half a second, so I was pleased.  I think they clean up pretty well. 

Of course, this picture is a little closer to reality.

The oldest and the youngest. Seriously, I should have had an eight-year-old daughter with all my babies. She is such a great big sister, and a huge help to me. 

Lizzy adores the Easter dress my mom made for her this year. She said it makes her feel like a ballerina. 

It is my favorite times a hundred when they can all play happily together. 

Lizzy decorated this year's bunny cake all by herself. She was very proud of it. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

So. It's been awhile. Since the last time I wrote, we had a baby, bought a house and collectively ate 12 birthday cakes. Well, a couple of those may have been pie instead of cake, but let's not quibble. Anyway, the most recent pictures have not been uploaded from my camera, but since the baby is going to wake up any second, and Sebastian will only be distracted by the sandbox for so long, this is what I've got.

 We love him. He is happy unless he is hungry or sleepy. He learned to crawl way before I was ready for it. His favorite thing to do is eat things off the kitchen floor.
No longer the baby, and don't you dare call him anything but a big boy (to his face), but still wants to be carried around the house and have his every whim immediately satisfied. Tells very good, detailed stories. Copies absolutely everything he sees his older siblings do. Loves yogurt, and books, and playing with toys.
Funny. We had to build a sandbox just so he would stop digging up the yard. It mostly worked. Loves ramen and jumping around. Knows all the words to his school and primary songs and sings with gusto. Wants to know about everything.
Loves to run, play soccer and read. He is anxious to learn multiplication and division. Socially adept, messy, fun. Ivan thinks he's hilarious.
Dreams big. Reads better than I do. Loves to bake and share. She is getting so responsible and has been a huge help with the youngest two. Fun to talk to.
And now the baby's awake. So that's all.