Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New Mom

It was bedtime, so Henry was mad at me. Also, he had filled the bathroom sink with water, and I caught him before he completely finished splashing it around. I suppose he felt his anger was justifiable. He responded in classic three year old manner by hitting me repeatedly, saying, "I'm not going to stop until you're dead!" (We have a very loving relationship.)  
"Henry, what would happen if your mom died?" I asked him. (I'm sure he and his therapist will have a nice chat about this conversation someday.) 
He just shrugged, utterly unconcerned. "I'll just get a new one." Then he paused. "Probably a stripey one," he added.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A picture's worth a thousand words.

I took this picture so that one day when my kids are grown up and gone and I am feeling sad and missing them, I can look back and remember what my kitchen floor used to look like and maybe not feel so sad that they grew up.
Excuse me while I go take some photos of the laundry room.

This Summer

We had a great summer which included a lot of playing in the backyard, some fence building (still not done with that project), and a massive road trip with two family reunions. I did not take a single picture while we were with family. Not one. I guess I was too busy soaking up family time to bother pulling out the camera, but I regret that a little now. We had such a great time with such amazing people, and I wish I had something to look at now to help me remember it all. I did take a few pictures of some of the things we saw on the way, though.

We went to the Grand Canyon, and were definitely impressed. I thought we could see it and be done with it in less than an hour, but we spent all morning there, and could have stayed longer.

The vastness of it was a little hard to take in. 

After we took this picture, Barak said, "I don't ever want to go that close the edge again." We were still on the regular trail, but he didn't like how low the wall was.

I think this is called the Navajo Bridge, and we've crossed it a couple of times, but never taken the time to stop. It is very, very beautiful. To me it felt like the Grand Canyon, but on a level that I could comprehend.

We also stopped at Shoshone Falls, which was incredible! Why don't more people talk about Shoshone Falls?!

And of course Multnomah Falls. Because how can you just drive past that?

Isaac did ALL of the driving. He packed the car by himself, too. 

I wish I could add pictures of Lizzy fishing with her Uncles, the hikes we went on, the campfire s'mores, playing in the dunes, the kite festival in Lincoln City, playing at Chuck E Cheese, and all my favorite people, too. Maybe next time. 

First Day of School

The first day of school is rough. Not for the kids. I completely forgot to take the usual picture until we were almost to school and it was too late, so these are from the afternoon. As I am writing this post it is 1:15 on a Tuesday and the house is very quiet. Henry and Ivan are napping, so the only sounds I hear are the click, click, clicking of my keys and the ice maker filling in the freezer. (Why is that so loud?) Usually I find a quiet house restful, but you know what? I miss my kids.

I think we need  bigger front door.

 Third grade, here I come!

So excited for Kindergarten, but maybe even more excited for his new lunchbox.

Too cool for school.

Just kidding. He was just in a hammy mood.

Second Grade!!

Now My Butt is Even Bigger

If you have a moment, you should go back and watch a video that I posted here on September 1, 2010. And then watch this one and marvel at how much my kids have grown up.


Monday, May 16, 2016


We have these little tabs that change your bath water different colors. Yesterday, I made the boys' bathwater yellow, and they splashed happily for a time. After awhile I thought I would tease Sebastian about the color of the water, so I said, "Sebastian! Did you pee in the bathtub?!" 
Without even looking up he said, "Yup." 
I guess that was a silly question to ask a four-year-old boy, potty trained or not.

This is what it looks like

This is what it looks like when your dad has an awesome lawnmower (which he has already had to fix three time).
 This is what it looks like before a mud run.
 And this is what your team looks like after the mud run is over.
 This is what it looks like when too many kids try to ride the tricycle at the same time. 
 This is what it looks like when the tornado sirens go off on the way to soccer practice. (Please note the NOAA radio, the iPad tuned into a local weather station, and the scattered boxes of raisins that were intended as a team snack. Missing in this picture is the Gatorade stain that was the obvious result of allowing Sebastian to drink something red on the carpet.)

And finally, this is what it looks like when you have the world's cutest baby.