Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The List

Everywhere I go, whatever I am doing, there is a constant list running through my head. I am weighed down with "...mop the kitchen floor, vacuum, make the bathrooms not-gross, scrub the smudges off the wall, I hope our house sells soon, laundry needs folded, we're out of laundry soap, grocery shopping, prepare Sunday school lesson for my primary class, please somebody buy our house, call about that duplex listed on Craigslist, find someone to watch my kids while I'm at the doctor, when's the last time I fed the baby? what's for dinner tonight? start packing, clear space in the garage for packed boxes . . . "
As much as I would like to ignore all of these things and just play board games with the kids, the fact remains that we are moving far, far away, and time is running out. I feel a little stressed about it.
On the other hand, look at how cute they are: