Sunday, April 28, 2013


I know Easter was awhile ago, but I almost never post things right after they happen. Not if I add pictures, anyway. This year for Easter, my lovely sister-in-law, Helen, came over to dye eggs with us. She brought all the supplies, and we had a vast array of color to experiment with. 

 Lizzy and Barak thought the whole project was awesome, but to be honest, their favorite part was probably at the end when we dumped the leftover dye down the toilet and flushed. Watching the colors swirl together was both entertaining and educational, as we saw that red and blue do, in fact, make purple. 

 The finished product. 
 Every year my mom makes Lizzy's Easter dress, and my little girl is always so excited. She LOVES it when her grandma makes her something new. I think my mom outdid herself this year. This is the most amazing dress. 
Along with Lizzy's dress, she sent the boys new bow ties, and white shirts, so we had some pretty spiffy looking kids. 
 I have some pretty handsome men in my life. What can I say? Some girls are just lucky.

 A good friend of ours from college decided to serve a mission, and we were excited to get to hear her farewell talk at church. We will miss Loradona for the next 18 months, but we're happy for Omaha. They're getting somebody pretty amazing.
 On the way back to my parents' house after church, the boys both fell asleep. Honestly, is there anything cuter than that?
 The egg hunt was as wildly successful as ever, and the kids came home with way more candy than is good for any of us. I tried to take pictures of them hunting the eggs, but all I got were blurs and smudges as they raced from place to place. Even once they found all the eggs I had a hard time getting a decent photo.
 All Sebastian wanted to do was eat candy. He did not let go of that basket for the rest of the day.
 But never fear! Grandma always makes sure there is plenty of other good food to be had, not just the candy. And that's good, because this boy likes to eat.