Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Laundry baskets

My laundry baskets like to race each other. Do yours do this?
I have a set of baskets who are supposed to live on top of the dryer. Their job is to collect clean clothes and hold them for me until I have a chance to sort and fold them. Lately I have been finding them sprawled in a corner of the living room, looking bloated and much too comfortable.
The other set of baskets live in the bathroom and bedrooms. Their job is to collect dirty clothes until there is enough to make a full load. I'm pretty sure they have challenged the Clean Clothes baskets to a race. Can the clean clothes be folded and put away before the Dirty Clothes baskets are overflowing? No. The Clean baskets don't even seem to be trying very hard. Or so I thought. Then, I discovered a very underhanded plan. The Clean baskets hold onto their clothes so long that the Dirty baskets have no choice but to give up their loads to the washing machine. Then, because there is nowhere else to put the newly laundered items, the Dirty baskets are drafted into the Clean baskets army. Meanwhile, dirty laundry is piled on the floor, and the former Dirty baskets despair of ever regaining their dignity.