Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I think it's time I posted some pictures on here, don't you? We had a nice, busy summer, and I neglected to post many pictures of the baby.
I know! He's not much of a baby anymore. It seems like it was only yesterday that he tasted his first pickle.
I guess that wasn't really that long ago. (It was back in May.) Since then he has really learned to like pickles, and he will go to the fridge and demand them. Above all, however, he like to eat what he can harvest himself. Whenever we go outside he looks for something to eat: strawberries, fallen apples, green tomatoes... he's not picky about ripeness, cleanliness, or whether there are worms/ rotten spots. (Some of the apples get really gross if we don't pick them up every day.)

Our garden is not the only thing that is no longer safe from him. a month or so ago, I caught him doing this:
That's the bathroom door, and he is quick to open it if you've forgotten to lock it behind you. Or if he knows I'm not looking and he wants to play in the toilet. He loves his siblings SO MUCH. He doesn't understand why he can't do everything they do. We went to the beach last week, and he thought burying Barak in the sand was genius. It put him right at eye-poking level and kept him from getting away.

 There are days this boy makes me feel completely crazy. He likes to play a game we call "Grab and Scatter" and he appears to have zero fear (unless you're a stranger or a vacuum cleaner). Mostly, though, I find him completely delightful. If he's not tired or hungry, he's smiling. He is curious, and social, and happy, and cuddly. He likes a good joke, his Goodnight Gorilla book, his giraffe blanket, and his mama. He is everything I could wish for in a one-year-old. Absolutely perfect.