Monday, July 18, 2011

Playing Ma

I don't feel interesting enough to post. Mostly I wander around the house wondering when I can get my next nap.

Lizzy, on the other hand, is very entertaining. For the past few months we have been reading the series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Today we finished The Long Winter. Ever since we started she has been a little bit obsessed with the characters. She constantly wants to play "Laura and Mary," which mostly is just acting out scenes from the book. I'll be honest, I find the game a little dull.

Recently, however, she has invented a new twist. She now likes to play "When Ma meets Lizzy." I get to play the part of Ma, while she is of course Lizzy. I am then instructed to exclaim over all the things I don't understand and ask a lot of questions about how Lizzy lives and what life is like in these times.

Seriously, I think Lizzy is extremely clever. She really enjoys explaining things such as what a car is, how a light switch works, and that there are no blizzards in Oregon. She came up with a great way to compare and contrast our time with the time of the Ingalls family. She's learning, I'm learning, and the game is actually fun.