Saturday, August 29, 2009

Too tired for text

My modern girl, listening to her MP3 player. So little and already so strong.

Riding the train with Aunt Amy at Enchanted Forest. She wanted to ride it again and again.

Isn't he handsome? I think he gets this look from his daddy.

Brother and sister.

My handsome husband.

My cute little boy looks like an old man.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Two Weeks

Barak Reuben Washburn

Barak Reuben Washburn was born August 8, 2009 at 6:19 pm. He was 9 lbs 5oz and 22 inches long. It has been two weeks and we are doing great, apart from not getting more than two or at very best three hours of sleep at a time. He is s sweet little boy, and he really only cries when he's hungry. He is hungry ALL THE TIME. Thus the lack of sleep. Lizzy seems to like her little brother just fine. More than anything, she likes helping. She helps change diapers, give him baths, and she is the keeper of the pacifier. I've really been impressed by how little jealousy she has shown. And now some pictures:
Lizzy was very excited to come to the hospital and sing Happy Birthday to her little brother. Grandma and Grandpa Jensen came to visit.
Our good friend Loradona also came to visit. Lizzy and Barak.I've been trying to make sure Lizzy stays entertained so she knows she's still important. We went to the park, but it was hot and kind of miserable. She was a good sport about it, though. Mostly. Lizzy and her dollhouse/castle. She is definitely all girl.
Oh, and just to clarify, his name is said BEAR-ik, not ba-ROCK.