Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Preschooler's dream

Barak was the first one up this morning. As I snuggled him on the couch, he told me that he had seen Snowman Lake on his sleeping map. He said he had seen snowmen melting there. I asked him where Snowman Lake is, and after only a moment of thought he named a nearby major road. He then asked if we could look for the lake on my computer map (Google). He was very insistent that he wanted to see it on the computer. And so, an hour later we found ourselves sitting on the sidewalk with Lizzy and Sebastian, eating donuts as we looked at a small lake, surrounded by fancy houses. We didn't see any snowmen, but maybe we'll come back and build some in January.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh the things I could post!

How do I catch up on a summer's worth of activities? We had a road trip, a wedding, a family reunion, camping, two birthdays, and a birthday party. I think each of these is worth remembering, and they all come with their own set of pictures. Unfortunately, lunch is just about over, and my wild animals will tear this place apart if I don't get quiet time started immediately. Maybe I'll get to posting later.

Lunch suggestion

Lizzy would like everyone to know that a peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip sandwich is delicious. She thinks everyone should try it. She urged me to post a recipe for her creation, but I think it is rather self-explanatory.

*parental note: None of the children actually ate their sandwiches. They pulled them to pieces and ate the parts.