Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Growing up

About three weeks ago, we were all sitting around watching television, when Bear crawled over and did this:I guess he wanted to see the TV better. Doesn't he look proud of himself? He is crawling so much earlier than Lizzy did. He also pulls himself up to stand every chance he gets. Although he can keep himself up for long periods of time, he has not yet figured out how to get down. Usually his little feet start to slide apart until he is practically doing the splits. And then he starts to whimper. Bear also loves the bath. Anytime he hears someone going into the bathroom, he crawls just as fast as he can, hoping it is time to get in the tub. He splashes, crawls around, and has a wonderful time. He doesn't even mind (much) when I get water in his eyes.

It's great having a big sister. Bear gets to play dolls (he LOVES this dollhouse!),
and the kitchen, too! I hope he's cooking up something yummy for me. A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach with my sisters. The kids had a great time. Bear got to explore the sand, which he enjoyed. He played with it for a long time before he tried to put any of it into his mouth. Then he was in heaven. Apparently, the boy likes sand.
I can't believe how fast my little man is growing up. I sometimes wish time would just stand still and we could stay in this moment forever. He and Lizzy are so much fun! They are such sweet, happy children, and I love them so much!

Monday, April 5, 2010


When we moved into this apartment, our upstairs neighbors had two-year-old and three-month-old boys. Sometimes it got a little noisy. They moved out after we had been here about six months and we had blissful silence above us for several weeks. The next family to move in had a two-year-old boy and they were pregnant with a little girl. They were LOUD. We liked them a lot, but sometimes I was certain that little Benjamin was going to come crashing through the ceiling, dragging an elephant or two with him. Pretty much everyone who visited us would look up at some point with shocked eyes and ask if it was always that noisy. Yes. Yes, it was. They lived above us for two years, and after awhile we mostly were used to it, but when we learned they we moving, Isaac and I couldn't help but be excited for a little bit of quiet. They moved out last week, and I was anticipating uninterrupted nap times. I did not anticipate the workmen that came in today to get ready for the next occupants. Or that they would have to apparently tear out the carpets. And all the appliances. And the counter tops. From the sound of things, I'll be surprised if there are any walls left when they are done up there.